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Our on-line booking system has proved to be a real success but you can still just turn up and play if there is a court available but it is advisable to book . . . .


Booking Courts


You are able to book our courts online all year round.

It is recommended that you take a paper copy of your booking confirmation email with you, this will avoid any problems if someone else is on the court.


Getting Started


Click on the Bookit Logo on the left.

You will have to register first - use the Bookit guide below to take you through the process.


Visit Bookit via the link on the left of this page and select "not registered". Then follow the instructions, putting in your email address and a password. An email will then be sent to the email address you have input which you will need to respond to before you can become registered.

If you already have a login and have completed the user confirmation process, simply enter your email address and password as provided during registration.

To reserve a tennis court, select "make a booking" from the navigation on the left of the page and using the calendar, choose a date and time. If you need to move to a date ahead of the present day, the mini-calendar option on the right can be changed as per your preference. 

Once the correct day has been chosen, find the appropriate time interval (the option to jump to afternoon sessions is available at the bottom of the present day's listing). 

Click "book" on a start time to then display a details confirmation window where you can set the end time, enter more information about your booking or cancel that option. 

If you proceed, your booking will then be confirmed on the following page and a reminder email will also be sent to your inbox.


If for some reason you wish to cancel a booking or change the time, you can visit the "show all bookings" link via the left-hand navigation options. This page will display all past and upcoming bookings you have made and allow you to manage and delete them. 

An existing booking's times cannot be amended once set. If you do wish to change the time, you will need to cancel the booking and create a new one. 


As regards the site and the way it will operate, the club has some rules/recommendations which are listed below.

Club Rules/Recommendations

These are listed below:

Bubble Members can book up to 7 days in advance
Outside Only Members can book the Bubble 3 days in advance, but outside courts 7 days in advance
Non-members (Pay and Play) can book 3 days in advance
Members are welcome to bring Visitors but must sign them in and pay the appropriate fee before playing
Cancellation must be made at least 24 hours in advance, or you may be charged
Pay and Play fee must be paid before playing
Booking of more than one court at any one time must be referred to the Secretary
Remember to bring a printout of the email booking confirmation with you 
Enjoy your Game!!